Curron Gajadhar

Ish Holmes —  January 29, 2013 — 1 Comment


I sat down with Curron a little over a week ago, and I was able to gain a lot of insight to not only art, but a way of life. Not only does Curron produce stunning modern work that fuses the Urban Atlanta landscapes with gorgeous female “goddesses”, he also practices Parkour, which he says fuels his work, lifestyle, and attitude towards overcoming obstacles.

Take a look at some of his work below, followed by a brief interview:









So how did you get started in art?

I’ve always done art, but I was reluctant to showcase and follow through with it, until Kim Landers, my 10th grade teacher, gave me a nudge. Although I resisted, she went ahead and submitted one of my pieces to the local Dogwood Festival and it actually placed. After that, I felt the confidence to actually pursue a career as an artist.

How would you describe your work?

It’s a way of expressing my perspective of life and the modern, urban scenery. Most of my work features goddesses and dieties that, for me, represent the sensuous collective consciousness. I have this feeling that I’ve “been here before” and I’m reliving a different age in the modern world. These goddesses nurture and look over me as I pursue my very own epic, like those of Gilgamesh or Iliad. The setting is just modern day Atlanta, instead of the large colosseums of the Classical period.

What materials do you use?

Acrylics, markers, grease pens, china markers, different mixed media, found objects, canvas, street signs, planks of wood or canvas.

Who are your inspirations?

I really like Fahamu Pecou, and Tim Okumara.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I’m a Renaissance man. I want to continue my art, my progression as a Traceur (Parkour), and become an advocate for Asperger’s syndrome, which I’ve been diagnosed with.

So you do Parkour too? Tell me a little about that?

Yeah, Parkour is an amazing art form that has replaced an attitude of obstacles with an attitude of possibility. I’ve earned a “Parkour Vision”, so to speak, that enables me to view obstacles very different from before. I’ve learned with the right amount of time, persistence, and finesse, you can overcome anything.


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    You go dude… Make life happen

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