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ImageHey Everyone, we are super exited to announce this event! Sam Flax will be hosting a one-day calligraphy workshop with former White House Calligrapher, Rick Paulus!  We’d also like to thank Emily Canter and The Atlanta Friends of the Alphabet Calligraphy Guild for setting this up! For a supply list and more information, visit Here are some the details:

From Sam Flax and The Atlanta Friends of the Alphabet Calligraphy Guild
A One-Day Calligraphy Workshopwith Former White House Calligrapher, Rick Paulus
Calligraphy in the Digital Age
Where: Sam Flax Academy (upstairs)
When: Wednesday, January 29th
Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Cost: Only $65
To Reserve your place call Emily Canter at 678-463-7500 or email
Payment in advance to hold your spot – credit card, check, or cash
Rick Paulus explores calligraphy in the digital age by first taking us on a fascinating journey through time to creatively illustrate not only the shapes and mechanics of the letters of the Roman alphabet, but calligraphy’s significant role in the progress of man. As we enter the twentieth-century, we explore in more detail the significant changes that have taken place over the past century, and the work of those who have been instrumental in this transition. Drawing from his own experience transitioning from a conservative, classically-trained Washington, DC calligrapher to a computer-savvy graphic artist, then taking the next step to creating expressive, abstract calligraphy of the modern age, Rick gives a colorful first-hand account of the significant changes in calligraphy over the past century.

This presentation is part social history, part calligraphy-geek techno process-specific, and part philosophical inquiry, with quality historical and current images to accompany the discussion.
PLUS: FREE evening Lecture: FROM THE WHITE HOUSE TO THE SEA: A Calligrapher’s Journey
Time: 6:00-7:00

In this colorful forty-five minute presentation, Paulus leads a unique journey from Cape Cod, to serving as the Chief Calligrapher of the White House, and back again to Cape Cod. Using calligraphy as the backdrop, He shares personal vignettes from working at the highest levels of government as a calligrapher, calligraphy’s role in diplomacy and entertaining, how a State Dinner is planned and executed and many insights into the operations of the White House Social Office. After our tour of the White House, I take you with
me back to Cape Cod, where I am confronted with the blank canvas, my greatest challenge being to create beautiful art of my own inspiration; to create art of a completely different nature than he had been asked to produce in Washington, DC. The presentation continues with slides of Paulus’ current work, and accompanying readings of the quotes and poems of the sea that have inspired him for so many years and have played a significant role in his ultimate return to the sea.


To Reserve your place or for more information, call Emily Canter at 678-463-7500 or email

For a supply list and more information, visit